16 Aug 2006

The Why Café

I finished reading The Why Café by John P Strelecky. The book is an insightful, inspiring read that offers a lot of advice. The message here is one that I could never argue with:

"do what makes you happy"

Things that will make me happy:
a) working from home
b) having a studio to paint
c) exhibiting or maybe, selling my paintings
d) writing & illustrating children’s books
e) having a line of stationery items with own design
f) having enough money to send Yassin to a good school
g) having enough money to send mother to Haj
h) having enough money to buy own home
i) ..and the list go endlessly...


Daliey said...

you know what, I too would be extremelly happy if you could get all of those in your list ;)

Emila Yusof said...

Hehehe, it's on my mind too long and i need to get it out of my system, to realise it.

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