3 Mar 2008

Work, work, work...

I have:
  • a wedding card to design for Julia
  • pen organiser to make for Daliey
  • a tote to make for Faraz
  • 10! presentations to 'make-up' for AA
  • 80 blank books & bookmarks to make (own project)
  • a logo to design for JD
  • to loose 8 more kgs

and I am:
  • having a major creative block (due to the amount of workload)
  • happily updating my facebook
  • happily making coffee, cup after another
  • staring at the monitor
  • staring blankly at AA's presentations
  • thinking of Julia, Daliey and baby Ali; they're waving at me calling my name!
Ya ampun, sekarang juga saya buat kerja!


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