21 Apr 2008

What excites you?

Lately, I would feel sleepy every time I'm on the typesetting jobs. Like the one am working on right now, a financial book for an established financial agency. I dunno, it seems like they don't excite me anymore. Seeing all those letters makes me yawn. I tried making coffee. The more I sip the bigger I yawn. And because of that, I would divert into doing something else. Something that excites me.

Doodle excites me.

This is me, yawning. ;P Yeah, yeah, pretty ugly innit?

Ok, am signing off to get the work done.


Tomas Karkalas said...

Wow,your doodle is the real alarm-clock. What a talking stroke here -
your yawning blossomed out with the hearty applause in my heart.
Thank you for the magic of drawing. My http://candleday.wordpress.com became your fan - thanks once again

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