8 May 2008

Momok MJ

When my nephew was two, I had quite an experience teaching him how to pronounce simple things around him in English. I am surprised that he learned fast.

One day, just to make sure he remembered what I taught him, I asked, "what is bola in English?" "Ball", he said.

"Okay, how do you say rumah in English?" "House". I'm impressed but he became bored quickly, so I asked him a final question.

"What do you call 'momok' in English?"

"Michael Jackson!", he said confidently!


(Apparently earlier that day, he had watched a video clip of Michael Jackson's Thriller on the tv. He asked the grandmother who was that and she said "Momok"!)

*Momok means ghost


Ana said...

Kids are so innocent and speak right from their heart! :)

LadyJava said...

hahaha Emila...cian MJ budak2 panggil dia momok...hehehe.. but it's sorta true kan...lolz!!

rizal said...

hehe...itu MJ memang menjadi momok.. macam beauty and the beast together gether.. tapi ni kes from beauty to beast.. eeeee jahat betul mulut rizal hehe (err the other side of me?..)

Emila Yusof said...

Hi ana! very true!

LJ! betullah muka dia macam momok! Lol!

Rizal! Hahah the other side of you!

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