9 Jun 2008

Bird: Oriental Magpie Robin

Captured at the Port Dickson hotel area. He noticed my being there and posed for me. The Oriental Magpie Robin is a common and tame bird. It is terrestrial, hopping along the ground with cocked tail. This one is a 'he' coz according to Wikipedia, the male has black upperparts, head and throat apart from a white shoulder patch. The underparts and the sides of the long tail are white. Females are grey above and greyish white.


bingskee said...

nice pose!

maiylah said...

oh wow ... the bird did pose for you! :)

hope it's ok ... got an award for you ... :)

loving your shots!

Emila Yusof said...

Thanks Bingskee!

Yes Maiylah! He just stood there and happily let me snapped his photo!

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