27 Jun 2008

Hairy shoots

Look snowy with all the white hairs on these shoots of bitter gourd plant. I love eating bitter gourd, love it fresh! Bitter but yummy! Do you know that it's a good source of vitamin C and vitamin A, phosphorus, and iron?


maiylah said...

wow ... amazing macro! i love eating bittergourd, too! :)
ps. i hope your photo is fully watermarked ... one of my shots was "used" by another blogger recently (she used it at her wordless wednesday post) without my permission and when I asked that she give me credit she sounded like she was angry at me! I can prove that the shot is mine, but i don't thing it's worth all that trouble ... it's not as gorgeous as this! :)

happy weekend!

Emila Yusof said...

Exactly Maiylah! I saw it too and thought "Hey, this is Maiylah's!" I didn't see her putting credits to you as well! How rude is that!

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