12 Jun 2008

Shop Shield

When we buy things online, we are vulnerable to a fraud and even identity theft as we have filled in information such as full name, ID number, credit card number and more before we buy. There is a new fresh technology, called Shop Shield®, offering complete protection against such thing. Shop Shield® creates substitute checkout information including name, credit card, and billing address for each individual transaction, as well as unique login identities complete with a temporary email address. While being completely untraceable, this anonymous information works at any web site that accepts major credit cards. And you can bill your purchases to any checking account or major credit card (Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover®.

The benefit to users is that they never have to worry about hackers and insiders gaining access to customer databases, stealing their name, credit card number, password or even their email address, because this information is never entered into the databases of web sites they are shopping. And the companies you buy from can’t sell your information – because you never gave it to them.

Shop Shield® has been successfully pilot tested and now welcomes you to use the BETA test version for free. There’s no obligation or financial commitment of any kind when you sign up. They encourage you to participate and welcome your input and feedback. Shop Shield® keeps track of your very transactions and you can learn more how to go about it when you register. Visit Shop Shield® now and try the new fresh technology today.


Sponsored by Shop Shield®


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