24 Oct 2008

The imperfect me

I have people calling me stupid; I have people trying to bring me down; I have people calling me names; I have people indirectly hinting that if I can't write good English, better don't write at all; and recently I have people calling me something that I was not in the past. It's hurting but friends who are close to me told me not to listen to any of those. But what were said had already been said and left my heart with scars.

Take a knife, close your eyes and make random stabs on your cushion and look.

That is how my heart looks like; full with holes.

Stitching can never bring back the same old cushion again.


Silence said...

ala..sis emilla.. aduii.. camne ni ea.. saya pon not really good in english.. tp kdg2 kalo kite asik nak dgr ckp org je.. mmg sakit hati..

be strong sis..

try to do something that can relief ur pain.. i know how ur feeling is.. coz, saya penah alaminya..sometimes..

smile oke?! :)

bonoriau said...

Emila, really touching reading your peace of mind....I'm also having same problem (no no no not a problem but situation) like you. My English even worse then all of you...but I always told myself...I'm happy what I'm doing...I'm happy I have many GOOD friends who really understand my weakness....

bonoriau said...

BUT I also realize that not everybody like us...so we learn from their comment...take it positively and maybe one day person who comment negatively will be our GOOD buddy...remember I always behind you..take a good care.

Oldstock said...

Salam Emila,

Sorry I've not been to this blog for quite some time, so I missed reading what the hurtful comments were.

But whatever they were, I really hope you don't get too discouraged by them. I know it's tough to take insults or criticisms but the important thing here is how we deal with it. Do not take them as stabs to your heart but rather as rotten eggs thrown to your face. Yes, the eggs hurt and smell bad... but we wipe them off and we move on. What's left is just a memory of the bad smell but no scars.

Do not let yourself be down-trodden by people that you do not know. You are not perfect, so what? Nobody is. But there's one thing you've got that I envy... TALENT. For the few persons who dislike you, there are thousands others who would come to your support.

So damn those jerks and their perfectionism. You owe them nothing.

bluecrystaldude said...

Jealousy is killing us. The more success ones be, the more jealous one will be.. Ish2.. Sabar je lah kak Emila

Silence said...

sis emilla...

how r u 2day? is everything Oke?

smile alwez sis.. :)

Mariuca said...

I agree Emila, the words have been said so damage is done, but just be strong and move on. Mariuca loves you now and always, so cheer up! :):):)

Mariuca said...

As for the good English part, you have no problem in dat area and coming from me the perfectionist copywriter, take that as a compliment okay? I've seen many other blogs yg broken English maksimum and content takde benda. At least u have ur creative talent to show off, be happy and big hugs! :):):)

bluecrystaldude said...

Yeah, I think your English is better than mine. We do make mistakes sometimes. I don't think the commenter is a perfect person too!

Emila Yusof said...

Thank you all for your concern! I dunno, sometimes I feel so down that it's killing me inside. need to let it go somewhere, thought i put it in here. I am all better now and will try to check my grammar online before i post.

Thank you Silence, Bonoriau, Fadhil, Marzie and Haaziq!

Mariuca said...

Emila, I can check ur grammar for u but then I'll always be ur first commenter he he!! ;)

Spell check je Emila itu! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Emila. I'm not good in English too. (Dun like reading, dat's why :p) I'm still struggling to improve my grammar & vocab which is why I read many times b4 I post it up.

Sometimes, I post it anyway even tho it's not a masterpiece. What's important is that I express it 'my way'. Doesn't matter if others find it imperfect. As long as I feel great about it, that's gud enuf for me. It's all about expressing yourself and you're doing great in your own creative way. ;)

Take care ..

Emila Yusof said...

Lol Marzie! Hehe takpelah...I found one great grammar online check, think I can improve from there. Thanks for the offer dear, will refer to you once in a while!

Emila Yusof said...

thank you, Naz!! That's what I thought. I mean we're entitled to express ourselves in anyway we can. I totally can write in Bahasa but my blogger friends are from all over the world and I don't want them to miss anything that I'm trying to convey in my blog.

Thank you for making me feel better.

Silence said...

glad to hear that u r Oke, sis... (^_~)v

Anny said...

Nobody's perfect in this world.. and that kinda make us unique :) But still, it is never right to make bad comments about other ppl's lives. I always believe that if one do not have any good things to say, they should just keep their mouths shut.

Anyways Emila, ppl falter and ppl get mean.. we just do our best to only hear and see the good things. The bad things, we turn our ears off.

Take care my friend!

LadyJava said...

Oh dear..
Emila, sometimes people who are jealous of someone else does stupid things to make us feel like we are the stupid ones or the imperfect ones.. it's their insecurities that are causing them to lash out like that..

For me.. I always sympathise with them.. and you know what.. I always say.. "it takes one to know one"" lol.. and see what they say..

Be strong ok and always remember you are one talented woman.. dun them them ruin your day.. they ain't worth it lah.. :)


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