28 Oct 2008

WS #1: Love is a many-splendoured thing....

This love is off limits coz it belongs to the plants.

I saw this in Jackie's blog, thought I post something from the weekend. My husband, son and I went up the Langat Hill just to feed our brains.


Shinade said...

Oh wow Emila this is great!! I love it. But you didn't have to mention me. But thank you for the link love.

This is a grand first entry!!

Did you add your name to the main link list over at WS?

Oh it's so much fun..you will have some great stuff I just know it!!

Happy WS:-))


Shinade said...

Emilla do you still have my email addy?

If so please email me. I am desperate to have a really cool Ecard.

Something that has a lot of blue color and of course somehow have a lady with a camera....is this something you could do?

If so please email me at sunshinezdelight@yahoo.com and tell me hoe much you would charge.

Also do you have a link button anywhere?

I want to add a button of yours to my side bar too!!

Thanks and hugs...gotta' go Join The Pink sisterhood.

Big Hugs:-)))

Silence said...

sis emilla..

tuesday xmo buat ape2 ker??
kalo monday.. dah ada music monday..
kalo tuesday.. buat Tag Tuesday.. Oke tak? hehehe.. just excited.. sbb ade geng link-link from page to another page... mmg syokk! saya dah tambah video clip baru utk music monday tuu.. tp lagu lain.. enjoy it.. video clip tu lagi comeyy!

Tuesday Surprised said...

please join us too,

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