22 Oct 2008

My first interview...

...and that's the only one! lol!

I have been feature in Woman: God's Masterpiece. Bobby Revell interviewed me last year on 18th October, 2007. These are his questions and my answers:

[I hope Bobby don't mine me pasting it in here]

It's been quite a while since I have done an interview here and it's now time to get it going! I have promised this special person an interview and I hope I do her justice.

This woman is an incredible artist who has one trait that shines above all others, she has originality. Many artists struggle to find their "voice" but this one stands out from the crowd and has a style which is unlike any other.

Who is this most talented artist and blogger? She is none other than the unbelievable
Emila Yusof!
She operates and hosts her own blog, Emila Yusof Dot Com. If you've never seen her work, you are really missing out.

Emila is not only a great artist, she's a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul. She is super friendly and has become one of my best friends here in the blogosphere! I could go on all day about how great she is but let's meet this talented artist and read about her in her own words.

WGM: Hi Emila!

: Hi Bobby!

WGM: Before I get into the main questions, I want you to know how much I LOVE your artwork!

: Thank you so much, Bobby! I am so glad you love my art!

: How old were you when you began drawing and tell us a little about your art experiences as a child.

: I began drawing when I was a 5 year old child growing up in an army camp in Melaka. We lived in a house by the ocean. I remember how my mother taught me how to draw the beach; the coconut tree, the birds, seashells etc. I also remember having lots of fun getting a coloring guide from my father. He taught me how to color right. Other than that, it was purely out of passion. Like other kids, I drew almost on anything that I laid my hands on; my father's books, the wall, my own palms, my pants, shirts and the new encyclopedia set that my father bought for us siblings! But it was sure fun having my own drawings beside the illustrations in the books!

WGM: So many artists strive to be unique. You seem to be unique and unable to not be. What do you think are some reasons for this?

: I invest a lot of myself in each piece. When you see my artwork, you will see pieces of me, what’s on my mind and what brings me joy. Maybe this style can be called unique.

WGM: Your art captures so much emotion and viewers get a warm feeling from seeing your art. Some of it is because your art has the feeling of a child's fantasies. Tell us how children have influenced your work.

: Children have always been the influence in all of my children-based artworks. I am inspired by my own son, my nieces, nephews, my own childhood memories, the neighborhood children, not leaving behind the children that I have worked with during my 8 years stint with a Marketing Department in an established company in Malaysia not so long ago. Despite handling all the creative pieces for the company, I was given the task to handle the outdoor marketing programs that involved children. I conducted drawing & coloring contests and was having a blast! It was fun being around them; I got to be a child myself! Yes, I practically joined them in coloring my own coloring sheets! I might be a mother but I do have an ‘inner child’ in me! So whenever I create children-based pieces, my inner child will emerge and all the childhood excitement and fantasies came to life. The girl I was at 5 is still me, not someone from the past.

WGM: I love the organic color you use in your art. Your choice and perspectives of color make your art feel alive and magical. Why is an artist’s use of color so important and how do you see it as part of your style?

Emila: An artist’s use of color is important and sometimes they use colors to evoke certain emotions. Other times artists use colors simply because they are their personal preference and like the way they look. I love using organic colors; strikingly saturated. My choice of colors comes primarily from intuition and truthfully, these colors simply make me happy. I often associate artists with colors; Klimt with gold, Matisse with red, etc, I do hope that people will associate me with my colors choices.

WGM: Who are some artists or people who have influenced your work?

Emila: Basically, I am training myself to be an illustrator and find quite a list of children’s books illustrators such as Carl Larsson, Jessie Willcox Smith, Cris Arbo and many more influencing my children-based artworks. My watercolor pieces are influenced by Georgia O’ Keefe (floral), Jan Kunz (floral) and John Lovett.

: Your art has a powerful impressionistic feel and does exhibit a unique abstract quality. Please tell our readers how you see this.

Emila: Before this, I don’t really know whether my art has an impact toward viewers at all! Thank you for your ‘powerful’ statement, you have just made me realize that my art has actually captivated attention! I am so honored that you think my art has that feel and quality!

WGM: You are now recognized as a leading Malaysian artist (I'm so proud of you!). I see you being known worldwide as a household name before long. What are some of your future plans and what would you like to accomplish?

Emila: Hehe…I am only a leading Malaysian artist-blogger in the All Malaysian Bloggers Project, Bobby! I still have a long way to go. My only reason for being known worldwide is because I have been actively participating in several art communities such as Illustration Friday and Monday Artday, where artists submit their art for the community members to view and comment. I am glad to find many great talented artists from all around the world and befriended some of them. Other than that, I also met great artists from all around the world through Imagekind and Greeting Cards Universe, two on-line stores, where I sell my artworks for fun. I also trade cards with many great illustrators and artists through Monday Artday ATC.

My plan is to write and illustrate children books locally and maybe internationally. For the time being, I do both illustration and graphic design but in the future, I wish to just write and illustrate more children books, besides painting pieces for my own gallery.

WGM: Thank you Emila for doing this long awaited interview with me. You have become such a great friend and I wish you INCREDIBLE SUCCESS!!!!! You are my favorite artist and I always love the warm feeling I get when looking at your work!

Emila: Thank you very much; it’s such an honor to be interviewed by WGM and especially by you, Bobby. Thank you for being such a supportive, helpful and great friend. Thank you for the wish and thank you for making me your favorite artist! Yay! I have a fan! It’s a great pleasure to know that you can relate to my art. Thank you, thank you and thank you!

WGM: Before we go, do you have any final words?

Emila: Yes I do. I wish to thank you Bobby, all readers, friends, artists and bloggers who have supported me and have taken the time to view my art, my blog and left me with supportive comments. Thank you with all my heart.

Love and peace to all.

Wow...Thank you Emila for this wonderful interview! I wish you endless success, health and happiness! Please go visit Emila and look through her incredible artwork. Even better, say hello to her! There is no doubt in my mind she will be famous and she definetly deserves it.

See you all soon!


Silence said...

kak emilla..

i'm curious to know..
yg artwork sume ni..kak emilla lukis by hand kat canvas ker..kertas bese ker..or using any software?

Emila Yusof said...

Silence, yang dua kat atas tu lukis atas matte board, pakai watercolor dan acrylic dan yang bawah sekali tu girl tidur bawah pokok tu, lukis digital.

Bobby said...

Hi Emila! I sent you a email to both of your email accounts, but haven't heard back from you. I just want you to know how much I love you and your friendship means so much to me...words could never say.

This was a wonderful interview!!! I hope I can get that blog going again, but I've been too busy to continue it for now.

lina said...

Wow, that is an interesting interview.

When I think of you, it is always the girl sleeping on the mat that I conjure up. :)

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