12 May 2009

Homemade strobe photography

I dunno how to explain this professionally coz am merely new to this technique. My husband could explain it better but he's not here right now.

So, we had this session few weeks ago for a book cover project that I was working on. They wanted a rain droplets but I was running out of time. And to look information for the next rain fall is not what I wanted to do. So my husband offered to help me capture homemade rain droplets. So he construct a homemade strobe. We used the flash light as external lighting and set our kitchen to pitch dark. We set the camera to a bulb mode for super-long exposures: the shutter remains open for as long as the shutter release is pressed; in our case we use remote control. We set the ISO to 200. My husband's main task was to hold a bag of water on one hand and to handle the flash light on the other. My task was to press the remote control soon as he presses the flash light and continue doing so until his hands are all cramped. Before we began capturing, we focused on an object in the middle of the tray so that we get a focused image of droplets later. We used 55mm lens.

This is our kitchen :P

At first we used, blue tray but the images were not good; here's a sample:

We need something without color, so we switched to white tray (luckily I have two trays at home; yup they're IKEAs). But my husband was not satisfied with the outcome:

Then he had this idea of putting black cloth beneath the tray. It was better!

Got even better over times and cramped hands.

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Anny Boo


Anny said...

wahhhhhhhh..thanks for the knowledge Emi :) and thats why i like it here :D

Anny said...

didya errr.. draw/color/cover ur hubby's body dengan hitam? *LOL* i tot it looks a bit odd the hitam.. hhahahahahhahahahaa

kelakar la engkau ni!

J@n!ce said...

So amazing!! Your hubby is a genius la, to have thought of that homemade raindrop :):)

Emila Yusof said...

hahahaha anny! yup, he was topless and the perut is a bit bulgy so i had to cover it up...hehe i could've at least made proper shadings of the black shirt.

Emila Yusof said...

janice!!! he is a genius!!! everything that i learned are mostly from him!

Nessa said...

I didn't notice anything odd except near the shirt's neck cos it looked like kene gunting. But not bad la... :)

The last pic is excellent. I laik the 'crown' effect :D You both are geniuses!

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

That's incredible la ... I've just started experiment with photography myself and I'll be sure to try this out. Hope Mrs. Spiff doesn't wallop me for messing the place ... hehehe ...

Anny said...

Mrs Spiff loves u laaa.. she will never wallop u :) share some pics with us soon Spiffy... err.. or ru starting another blog? no 5 mebbe?

Anny said...

i m looking at ur hubby's "baju" again... i cannot help laughing laa.. aiyaa.a. kelakar la engkau.. hhahahaahahha..

Aziha said...

woow....tedious jugak ek..to get the final pict...phewww..

tp..mmg wallla..la... :)

Mrs Imran said...

eyhhh..i didnt notice at all you actually errr "color" your husband!

haha..why did you do so?

neway, the end result was brilliant! thumbs up!

Mariuca said...

YAY FCC is finally here, will add u to the official list and on my blogrolls at Mariuca and MPG! :)

Emila Yusof said...

nessa: thank you!

anny: hahahaha

jia: thank you!

mrs imran: sebab dia malu hehe. thanks!

marzie: yay! took me a while to update, so sorry lambat upload the badge!

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