14 May 2009

I believe you can cook

Everytime I pass the tv area, I will hear this breaker from Cartoon Network. My son is CN fanatic and Chowder is one of his favourite cartoon. It really made my day every time I saw it. I love Chowder too!!!

Here's the lyric; come let's sing together! Anny? Spiffy? Nessa? You're up to it?
I believe you can cook
You should believe, cause I believe in you
You just have to try and trust your gut that it can put food on plate
Cause you're the best chef in the world
And everything I learned, I learned from you
Even if I didnt understand a word
On the wings of an eagle

Hahahahahahaha I really love the lyrics! The last line is so irrelevant!

1st commenter
Anny Boo


Anny said...

i cannot cook i cannot cook

Anny said...

hahahahhahahah.. i love this laaa.. hahahhaha.. kelakar gilerrrrrrrrrr... didya see the tears on the green mouse? hahhahahahaha.. adohai! u made my day Emi!

Emila Yusof said...


Emila Yusof said...

yup!!!! i was laughing so hard to see the mouse crying!!!!

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