23 Oct 2009


Captured on my recent trip to the Zoo Negara.

About the bird:
Name: Pelican
Scientific name: Pelicanus


Anny said...

This pelikans are really gorgeous Emi... very nice shot :D

Pelican Cases said...

I never knew that pelicans gathered together in flocks. Every time I have seen one, it has always been alone and with no others around. Unfortunately we don't get any White Pelicans in New England, but it makes it more exciting when I go on vacation. I think a pelican is one of the most magnificent birds to catch on film. They look incredibly graceful in the air and in photos, while at the same time are goofy and humorous when they are caught on video

Teika Kawashi said...

Kak, nice shot of the pelicans..luv it..

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