11 Dec 2009


Sis was hospitalised yesterday due to Bronchitis (Level 2).
Mom will reach home on the 15th.
I will undergo minor surgery on17th.

I wasn't feeling well and missed the HOPE charity dinner yesterday.
I feel a whole lot better today. Started to clear off some works. I really need a big break or a hiatus; for at least a week or two.


Anny said...

take a break Emi.. its gonna be christmas :)

hope your sis gets better soon! and u too.

Hajjah Mama coming back soon! yehooooooooooooooOOOO

Anny said...

go for a hiatus.. away from the www.. at least for a week! it helps :)

Nessa said...

sori to hear about your sis. Hope that she gets better soon. Praying for your surgery too...

take a break Emila. Just do it :)

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