4 Nov 2010


My head is in a mess.


I amsterdam said...


Salam perkenalan.

I was blogwalking and found your main blog where you feature all your artworks. I think you are one very talented lady, your illustrations are superb!! I have come across some of the blog headers and only now found out that they are all yours. And you are a writer some more!!! My dream was to write kids' books but I think it remains a dream, I'm not much of a writer, I'm afraid. I really like your works!!

I wonder whether it's ok to link your blog to mine? And if u could, to link my blog to yours as well? I am fairly new to blogging and do not know much, even the term Dolly escapes me :) In fact all yr technical instructions confuse me, u know "to paste this,use ipad not intnt xplorer etc etc" If u have time do check out my blog.

Btw, hope whatever MESS u have will clear up soon :)

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