28 Apr 2011

Feeling a bit better

I have done a lot of thinking. Maybe I need to find a permanent job. But where to look?

Being without internet connection, I managed to get a lot done. Done Rose II painting. About to start Rose III. Started reading also. Have about 2 books that I bought last year that I haven't read yet; Plainsong and Sula. And another book that a friend gave to me few years ago; Life of Pi. 1/4 more to finish Plainsong.

Nowadays, I'm getting connection form free wi-fi available at mamak restaurants. Other than that, I managed to get consent from my brother to use his streamyx connection when he's at work.

I also get to sew again. Did some roll-up organisers and 2 totes. Will post it up on my littleshop soon. I did some simple monotone paintings on each of them.

But again, that is not enough to cover overdue bills.


Anonymous said...

hang tough kak emila (azila) :)

Whitey Mommy said...

Kak emi kuat... kepahitan akan beransur manis sedikit demi sedikit...kak emi tabah...:)

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