7 May 2011

Empire Avenue Network Scores

Pasting this info just for my own reference. It's a game. Want to join and play social networking shares? C'mon aboard, click this link and join --> Empire Avenue.

Empire Avenue Network Scores
What it means

Your Network Scores are a series of numbers that describes the degree of your Activity, Audience and Interaction on different social media channels. It forms a large part of your Empire Avenue Share Price calculation every day, along with the buying and selling of your shares on Empire Avenue.

"Activity" simply means how often you use that channel, posting statuses, tweets, comments, photos or whatever other content you might add.

"Audience" is the size of the network of individuals that receives your content.

Most importantly, "Interaction" considers the reaction of your audience to the content you post: the more they comment, retweet, 'like', favorite, or otherwise respond to your content, the greater the Interaction portion of your Network Score will be.
How scores are determined

Each social network and online activity is different. Here are specifics on how we look at each network at this time:

* Twitter: Activity on twitter, the audience of your tweets based on your followers and the quality of your followers (bots, for example, are low-quality followers), the reach and quality of your retweets and mentions.
* Facebook: Activity on Facebook through posted updates and comments on your profile, the quality of your friends and their interaction with your postings and comments.
* Flickr and YouTube: Your activity through posting photos or videos, the connections you make with other Flickr and YouTube users, their interaction with you on Flickr and YouTube through comments and favourites.
* Empire Avenue: Your activity on Empire Avenue, excluding the specific acts of buying and selling; user engagement with you on Empire Avenue including how they react to you, engage with you and the success of your advertising.
* LinkedIn: Your connections, actions and recommendations count for your LinkedIn score.

Q. What's the maximum?
The Empire Avenue Network Scores do not have a theoretical maximum; however, if you manage to get a 100 on any of the Scores, we bow to your incredible social abilities.

Q. My score changes dramatically in the first couple of weeks. Why?
Our learning algorithms take a few weeks to truly understand what's going on with each of your connections. As time goes on, your score should stabilize and be more constant.

Q. Can I see a history?
At this time we have chosen to not provide a history of users’ Network Scores.

Q. Is this an "objective" score?
Nothing on the Internet can be defined as purely objective. However, these scores solely take into account the metrics that we can measure through various APIs on various networks. Ultimately, at Empire Avenue, we believe that "Influence" is not matter of a score but the objective and subjective decisions your network makes about your value to them as individuals. As such we refer to these scores as "Network Value Scores", how much value is inherent in your network based on activity, engagement and interaction.

Q. Why don't I have scores for everything?
We are currently working on scores for everything you connect. At this time we will not be publicizing the scores for Blogs. All scores are BETA and, as such, are only released when we are comfortable with the metrics.


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