15 May 2011

Boys are very intelligent

He expressed his opinion few days ago.

Son: Ibu, I think girls are not that intelligent.

Me: What makes you say that?

Son: They bring water bottle to the canteen.

Me: Isn't that's where you suppose to bring the water bottle?

Son: Not exactly. Me and and my friends, we only drink water in the class. If we bring it to the canteen, the tendency to lost it is quite high. They sell drinks at the canteen, no need to bring the bottle.

Me: So, moral of the story?

Son: Girls who brought their water bottle, tend to lost the bottle at the canteen. And most of them didn't get it back. So, in this case, boys are cleverer. We (referring to his friends and himself) made a wise choice to leave our bottles in the class.

Me: Nodded my head and thought hard. *Did I brought my water bottle to the canteen?*


Whitey Mommy said...

betul la akk...:)
very clever boy...
akk sha masa skool dulu...
tak bawa air ke kantin...
minum kat dalam class...
same thing macam yassin fikir...:)

sebab kat kantin dah ada jual air...
nak beli air kat kantin..:P
air dalam botol tu wat minum dalam class...:D

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