7 Jun 2006


I've read two classics last month - Bonjour Tristesse and The Old Man and The Sea.

Bonjour Tristesse was a good read. I needed something very thin to tuck into my handbag (it’s just over a hundred pages) for me to read in the train to work. I found out as i read that it was a story about falling in love, growing up, growing older, passion and jealousy. It was a beautifully tragic story which captures the naivety and rebelliousness of a youth. It was a quick read, but one that makes you think and ponder for a long time afterwards.

For The Old Man and The Sea, it was dreadfully boring at the beginning. It took me longer than normal to read through, to really understand the whole story. But anyway, I think the key to this book is reading beyond what he wrote.


Mariuca said...

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