18 Jun 2006

Have you seen the Cars?

My husband, son and I saw The Cars yesterday. We loved it! My son loved Mater the hee-haw tow truck. And so do I! I loved it when he did that little scream of joy as he drove backwards in order to try and jump over the moon. His two front teeths were very cute and my son thought that they were like his. Mater is one of the funniest Pixar characters.

Overall, I think Cars was great. Pixar has done a great job and I have to say that it was stunning. Cars has more soul and makes you realized that life is not all about winning...it is about the friends we make and experiences we have along the way. Life is a highway.

Anyway, I've really liked all Pixar movies. To me, they each have had strong points.
A Bug's Life: Great Characters and music
Finding Nemo: One great tear-jerking movie
Incredibles: Wonderful story

Well done Pixar.


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