7 Mar 2008


The sign shows it opens at 11.ooam; as my watch showed 11.01am, I walked in and sit. I sat down for 5 minutes till one of the waitress looked at me and asked,"Having here?" in a rushing manner, without even caring to say good morning and address me well. She didn't approach my table, instead asking from where she was at, about 5 metres away. "Having here" I said.

"But the kitchen is not open yet," she replied, half screaming.

I was mad, didn't say anything and just walked out. Another waitress who was about to go in asked me, " Do you want anything?" I simply said, "you girls are ridiculous!" and walked away.

Of course I want something! If not I wouldn't have been there the first place! Stupid!

I know it's just a cafe not a fine dining restaurant but they should at least have proper ethics of being a waitress! And be early to prepare things, not prepare things only after the shop opens!

I was trained to wait tables at a local cafe when I was 18 and surely know the ethics of being a waitress!

And oh, the first girl was wearing flip-flops!


mangosteenskin said...

oh my first time landed on ur other side. jangan marah2 emila...nanti cepat tua.

it's not difficult to find bad service in our local restaurants and cafes...but i usually avoid using bad words to express my anger or dissatisfaction, juz a whisper in my heart "this would be my first and last time". that kind of business would go nowhere.

cheer up! now i know why sometimes i saw u online very early in the morning or late after midnight. u must have been so busy. chaiyo! chaiyo! u r working from home emila! one of the things that make u happy!

LadyJava said...

heheh Emila.. I found you..hehehe.. so this is your personal blog eh.. awesome...

Anyway.. I am very particular about service.. customer always right lahh... this service pple really need to be taught manners.. don't you just get irritated if they act like we are beggars asking for food or something.. I would be pissed too if I were you :)

Emila Yusof said...

HI Mango & LJ! Hehe..ya lah...this is a place to write all the angers stuff...lol!

Mariuca said...

Wah I also angers for u la! You know la I can't stand bad customer service!!

PS. I've added this blog to Mariuca's, yeeha! :)

Emila Yusof said...

Lol Marzie! Thanks for the link!

constance said...

i found you too Emila. the other side of emila is just as lovely. i agree with you. service sucks big time lately. these people do not even have plain courtesy, not in their hearts to serve. it must come from within, even though may not be a trained staff. that is most important. sg is as bad, turning up their nose and being biased. hahaha but at least the ugly side of singaporeans who like to complain alot makes up for the balance too.

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