17 Mar 2008


Yassin: Is he a tiger?
Me: Nop.
Yassin: Then why are you calling him tiger?
Me: His name is Tiger.
Yassin: But he's a cat.
Me: Yeah, a cat named Tiger.
Yassin: You don't understand, a cat is a cat...
Me: ...not a tiger, you mean?
Yassin: yes!
Me: Well, he is still a cat even though his name is Tiger.
Yassin: But you made it so difficult! Why can't you name him cat?
Me: Hmm..a cat named Cat? Wouldn't it be great if he has a name like me and you?
Yassin: Ok, ok...can we name him something else?
Me: What do you have in mind?
Yassin: Hmm...how about Tigger?
Me: D'oh!


mangosteenskin said...

haha! funny.

but he is clever for asking at the first place.

Emila Yusof said...

Hi Mango! Haha he always like to ask, some silly, some not so silly hehe

Jean Chia said...

LOL! yassin is so cute!

Mariuca said...

Yay, great to see this blog being revived Emila! I wonder kalau Yassin nampak Phoebe dia panggil apa? :)

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