27 Mar 2008


I'm not really into Rihanna but everytime I hear her Umbrella song, my thoughts will travel back in time exactly to where I was in Standard 1. That was like 32 years ago. I have a friend, Siti Aishah, a cute girl who wore baggy pinafore. I remember her face very well to this day. Siti Aishah had a problem pronouncing my name right. Even though I corrected her many times over, she would still call me 'Umbrella'. I was angry at her but she was my good friend and over time I accepted my 'new name'. She told me that Umbrella jived with my real name and thought Umbrella sounded cool.

I remember how she beaten up a boy who kissed me in the cheek! She was so protective and I felt safe with her. In my heart, she was my umbrella.

We lost contact after my family and I moved to another state. I missed her so much. Siti Aishah, wherever you are, you're still in my heart. Lotsa love!


Mariuca said...

He he so cute la ur fren Emila! And what a nice story, maybe she'll find u through ur blog one day! :)

mangosteenskin said...

nothing compares to the memories when we were still so young. :) if she read this, she must be very happy and proud of u.

Mariuca said...

I came by with a very simple tag for u Emila! Have fun and happy weekend! :)


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