14 Apr 2008


Does anyone knows whether Body Shop has discontinued their Vanilla or Moonflower eau de toilette? I went to see Elina to pass a job CD and after having lunch, we dropped by the Body Shop. I tried Oceanus, Aqua Lily and few others but the smell of Vanilla or Moonflower edt still lingers on my mind, so I asked the sales assistant about them. She said, "they don't come in edt, they come in oil."
"Sure or not?" I said.
"Sure!" she answered confidently.
"But I bought them few times in edt few years back..." I said.
Knowing that I bought it before, she simply said, "oh, now no more, they're limited".
"Oh you mean obsolete?" I asked.
"Kalau dah takde tu maknanya limited," she answered in a defensive mode.
Elina and me looked at each other and we slowly walked out of the shop. "She's so defensive, we better go," Elina said.

I haven't checked other branches whether they still have those two that I want. But I did searched the net and couldn't find the Moonflower but they still have Vanilla.

So, ma friends, was it limited or obsolete?


Salt & Turmeric said...

oh my! kasarnya bahasa. i wouldv demanded to see the mgr or write an official complain abt tht rude salesperson. no way il let anybody talk to me like tht esp when I AM the customer.

on if its limited or obsolete, i think its neither. more like stop producing? im not sure abt moonflower but my fav was their cotton something or something cotton. tht also is not available anymore.


Emila Yusof said...

Normally, I will simply tell rude people off but I was in a good mood so I suppose she was lucky hehe

Thank you Farina for reading!

Salt & Turmeric said...

she was indeed lucky! lol.

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