2 Jun 2008

Dragonfly: Yellow-winged Darter

Yellow-winged Darters

I am not an Odonatologist nor have I the deep knowledge about the odonata species but I try hard to look in the internet source to find the closest matching darters and compare them with my own photos.

An almost unmistakable darter, red-bodied in the male, with both sexes having large amounts of saffron-yellow colouration to the basal area of each wing, which is particularly noticeable on the hind-wings. Other darters species may have limited yellow-orange colouration near the extreme wing-bases, especially in females, but never so extensively as in this species. (Source: Yellow-winged darter, Wikipedia)


noni said...

glad to know about ur this site...apart from ur graphics site..
thx for made me remmember about those dragonflies..i faced..cought in my childhood...somewhere at foothills..now almost forgot about them...no more around me also....
appreaciate ur interest...no need to to be Odonatologist...but its all about ur caring/beautifull mind..

Emila Yusof said...

Thanks for dropping by, Noni!

RWS Photo said...

Two dragonfly in one frame... good shot

RWS Photo

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