9 Dec 2008

I need air purifier

My husband is a heavy smoker and I think I really need to own a hepa air purifier as it is designed to filter out extremely small pieces of dirt / junk from the air (including those from cigarette smoke), as small as .3 microns. I need one that works for smaller room as my husband mainly smokes in our home office. This one looks nice; its features include an ionizer, which charges particles to get them to stick to the filter, as well as a pre-filter and a little indicator light that tells when to wipe down the pre-filter. It can effectively cover an area of up to 200 feet.


Air said...

In these days Air Purifiers are fast becoming a device that you need to have in your home to ensure living a healthy life. In their ability to purify the air of dust, pollens, animal dander, mold spores, smoke, allergens and microorganisms they are immensely beneficial in reducing symptoms of allergy and alleviating conditions of asthma.

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