9 Dec 2008

Kiki in my heart

Adorable cat with orange eyes and orange spots all over his body.

I have been planning to adopt Kiki, my Aunt June's cat, for few months already but since my brother who moved near my aunt's house wanted to take care of Kiki, I had to let go of Kiki with heavy heart.

Well, I guess it's better that way as he will be nearer to his beloved master.

My aunt is giving away her 10 cats because her sinus is getting worst. She now has only 4 cats; Kiki, Selaseh, Titi and Atik. Below are shots of her cats. I couldn't get hold of Atik as he is always on the run.

Kiki and Selaseh



anny said...

hope ur aunt gets better with lesser cats around :)

Alviana said...

sweet cat :)

LadyJava said...

Awww so cute.. too bad I already have 6 of my own otherwise.. would love to have have them.. they all look so adorable.. !!..

Why don't you take one of the other Emila?

baincardin said...


JuLia d BuBbLes said...

both are cute. but the last pict, the cat looks garang. ^_^

Zari said...

awesome captures! love their expressions!

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