1 Jan 2010

A sad beginning of a happy new year

We were so happy yesterday, he chased after us. He was so playful.

He was just a kitten. Mom brought him home from my cousin's house a week after our cat, Tiger went missing.

This afternoon, I accidentally hit him. I did not realised that he was under the car. I suspected he climbed on the tyre. I saw him died. I could not bare this feeling of sadness. Sure I was nagging yesterday coz I have to clean up after his litter and decided not to lock him up in his house so that he could go and litter naturally. But that was just nagging. My intention of him living like normal cat was shattered. I shattered it. I should've locked him up before getting into the car.

Yassin and me, we both were crying like crazy. It was a very bitter experience. He saw the cat died too.


mangosteenskin said...

i know how it feels kak emila. everytime a pet died, memang sedih sangat, kdg seminggu pun masih terasa hiba kalau teringat. as an owner, it is my responsibility to take care of them tp kdg2 boleh terlupa bagi makan or marah2 bila diorang buat hal.

innalillah...my condolence to you and yassin.

Yati said...

Kak Emila,
sorry to hear. Accident happens. Forgive yourself.

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