15 Jan 2010

On diet

My bathroom scale tipped at 76kg.

I need to lose weight so I started dieting 2 days ago. My knees are hurting from my very heavy weight. With a height of 163cm, my BMI is 27.9 and it falls under the overweight category! I need to be at least 65kg for the BMI to be normal.

Morning - nasi lemak (hehe bummer!)
Afternoon - an apple
Evening - Tomyam
Exercise - only 100 rope-skipping

Morning - Salad with a hard-boiled egg (french dressing)
Afternoon - an apple
Snack - 2 pcs of wholemeal breads
Evening - Tomyam
Exercise - 150 rope-skipping (achh, my feet is hurting! Need good sport shoes with good cushions)


Diana Evans said...

Hi Emila....

Good luck!!! I am on a diet too!!!

what is tomyam?

Mariuca said...

YAY finally u are on a BD woo hoo! But yest I off one day la Emila... but will continue my BD today... until CNY hehehehe!

saaba said...

nak berentap dengan saya tak?dalam 2 minggu ni sapa leh turun berat paling banyak..ok?

♥ Ummi Hanie ♥ said...

salam kak mila

buleh saya kidnap sikit menu diet nih?

ekceli belum start lagi..plan 1st february ni..lalala~ senang nak kira la konon..:p

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