18 Sep 2010


After having dinner at a mamak restaurant, I would normally take out my toothpick and do the necessary.

Yassin: Why do you close your mouth with your other hand when you pick your tooth?
Me: To not let people see what I am doing.
Yassin: Oh, ok.

Later he covers his mouth with one hand while the other is picking.

Me: Where did you get your toothpick? 
Yassin: Nowhere.
Me: Then, what are you doing?
Yassin: Picking my nose...


FJ said...
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FJ said...

salam. selamat hari raya kak! i've always been a fan and knowing that you are from sega, raub makes me more interested. i happen to have a keluarga angkat there! eheh. by d way kak, kenapa tak join art for grabs last week ya? i was really looking fwd to buy ur artworks tau :(

Emila Yusof said...

fj, thanks for visiting! oh siapa kelaurga angkat you di sega? letm e know kot2 akak tahu.

btw, you dekat tuscan ke? dua hari lepas i baru bermimpi pergi jalan ke tuscan!

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