30 Mar 2011

Vote for Emila

The chance of me winning is very slim as I submitted my post very late. But I won't give up, sometimes miracle happens overnight. Who knows I can get hundreds of votes by April 15th, 2010!

I depend on you to press the LIKE button as the number of ‘likes’ achieved contribute to my overall score. Only the total number of Facebook ‘Likes’ on the contest page in Mastraveller.com is eligible to be counted as valid contest votes.

You need to vote me here:
Find FB LIKE button at the end of the post and click/like.

You can join too, if you want. But you need to submit very fast as you only have 4 days from today. For more information, visit Mas Traveller.

Thanking you in advance,
Emila - Mar 27, 2011.


Mariuca said...

vote vote vote!

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