9 May 2011


PlainsongPlainsong by Kent Haruf

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I like how Kent Haruf chaptered his book with names of the characters.

Plainsong tells a story about:

Ike and Bobby - struggling to understand why their mother left and be independent as their dad is working and leave the house in the morning after making them breakfast. They found friendship with an old lady who later went dead on them.

Guthrie - a lonely father who raises his sons (Ike and Bobby) on his own after his wife left him. His wife, Ella, is battling with mental depression. Not sure what drives her to depression. The book doesn't tell.

Victoria Roubideaux - a teenage who got herself pregnant out of wedlock. She confided in her school teacher, Maggie Jones and lived in her house when her mother chased her out of the house.

Mc Pherons - two good old brothers who took in and help Victoria after Maggie Jones senile father attacked her thinking that she broke into the house.

Overall, it was a great story, tells about life in a small town and how they connected and helped each other in times of troubles.

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