4 May 2011

Sticky situation and I almost cried

I was struggling to finish the 10 totebags order by Linda and yesterday, I spent my day and night just to peel the iron-on stickers!! Previously it was as easy as ABC, I iron them and peel. But yesterday was a hard struggle. The sticker wouldn't come out! Grrr. I think the iron-on papers are not in good condition unlike the previous ones I bought. They are from the same brand. Sigh.

I promised to deliver at 10am but only got to deliver by 11.30am. Lucky, sempat. I will never buy iron-ons from that place again!

On another note, I haven't been online today. Been cleaning my room, and the hall. My work corner was a mess! Not to mention my son's room and his bookshelf. He's not feeling well, been sick since morning, vomited 3 times at school, so I brought him to clinic. Let him rest and did not let him attend agama school.

Will resume work tomorrow. Gotta re-arangge my bookshelf now pula.


Mariuca said...

Glad u managed to untangle yourself from the sticky situation, happy cleaning! :)

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