30 Apr 2008

Procrastinator me!

I finished typesetting the financial book last week, a day after my yawn post. I even made the mock-up and sent it over for finalisation! Yay for me! But that was only a part of it. You see the book comes in a set, the financial book and the trainer's guide. The book is a module for college students. From one day to another, I kept telling myself, "i'll definitely do the trainer's manual tomorrow!" It has been a week and all I did was download the copy from my e-mail!

For now I have a new name: Lazy is the middle name. And Procrastinator is the first name!

Any medication to cure my idleness?

To boost my spirit? A bit? A tiny bit?


Mariuca said...

Hola Emila! I remember u said typesetting was leceh kan? Of course u deserve a break, here's a Kit kat for u! Enjoy! :)

Jean Chia said...

how about jotting down all yr tasks & reward yrself when u've done each task! :)

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